About Us

What is Late November Literary?

Late November Literary is one-stop shop for your literary/writing needs. LNL focuses on publishing quality books or getting books to where they need to be to become publishable. We offer editing and consulting services for a fraction of the cost of most competitors. We also publish and/or promote books in a wide variety of genres. This is not a self-publishing or vanity establishment. 

In short, we are all about the author and are in the business of helping writers' dreams come true. 

...because it's never too late...

What specific services does Late November Literary offer?

LNL offers several services to help authors see their books come to fruition:

*Editing services 

*Book Consultations 

*Professional Critiques

*Book Publishing 

Late November Literary is all about the author.

Yes, this is a business. Yes, there are costs for services provided. That said, we are a company whose business is to make the author's writing journey as easy as possible. Our editing, consulting, and critique services are offered at a fraction of the cost of other professionals. Our book publishing focuses on helping the author get their book out in the world by offering traditional publishing with stellar covers and both digital and print copies without thousands of dollars up front.